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Withdrawal | Avocado & Egg on Toast

16 March 2011

egg & avocado toast
I don’t know what I was thinking. Giving up coffee the day after losing an hour to the daylight savings time switch doesn’t exactly sound like a plan for success. Especially when you consider how enamored I am with the stuff. I fully embraced it as an essential part of my identity as a poet in high school, where for 35 cents I would purchase a French vanilla cappuccino from a vending machine at least once a day. Often, my beverage of choice was accompanied by a bag of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, in which case I called it breakfast. I gave up both instant coffee and sugary breakfasts a long time ago (as in back when you could still purchase something for 35 cents…how old am I?). But the coffee—that became ritual.

I have gone most of my adult life relatively unaffected by caffeine, although faithfully addicted to coffee. I was that person who could get coffee from the diner at two a.m. and fall right asleep an hour later. But skip a cup or several in the morning, and I couldn’t deal. So, a few weeks ago, when I started to suspect that some of the physiological problems I’ve been dealing with lately might be related to the coffee, I got nervous. A late trip to the diner with a typical two cups that was followed by a sleepless night confirmed it. I had to at least try to give up coffee.

But why, oh why, did I have to do it this week? For better or worse, I’m an all-or-nothing kind of person. I figured if I was already going to feel miserable from the time change, I would rather add coffee withdrawal on top of it than suffer the two separately. Likewise, I went cold turkey.

I’m off to a rough start, so I’m going to take the advice of replacing one addiction with another, redirecting my longings toward a new paramour. If anything can fill a void, it’s avocado. At least, that’s the kind of truism I can get on board with. This simple breakfast has that good balance of whole grain, protein, and healthy fat that tastes so good with coffee makes me almost not miss the coffee. It’s also super simple to make, a plus for the morning’s bleary-eyed.

Avocado & Egg on Toast
Original Recipe (such that it is)

1 teaspoon butter
1 egg
1 teaspoon water
salt & pepper to taste
1 slice whole grain bread, toasted
half an avocado, flesh scooped from the skin, lightly mashed

Melt the butter in a small skillet over medium-low heat. When the butter has melted, crack the egg into the skillet, keeping the yolk intact. When the egg white just begins to turn from clear to white, sprinkle the egg with salt and pepper, and add the water to the skillet. Cover immediately, preferably with a glass lid, so you can watch for when it is done. My perfect egg is done as soon as the whites are set and the yolk remains runny. Shake the skillet a bit to check when the egg white has firmed up.

Spread the mashed avocado onto the toasted bread. Top with the fried egg.

Serve with coffee, or not.

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  1. Mama Tee permalink
    17 March 2011 12:08 pm

    Mmmmmm…avocado for breakfast! Sounds delish. Wishing you success in your challenging endeavor — just think of the many health benefits you will undoubtedly reap from the many teas available for sipping! xo

  2. 13 July 2011 8:23 am

    It is hard to beat a runny egg yolk for breakfast and place it on some avocado and things only get better!

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