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A New Phase | Rachel Lucke, Clinical Nutrition Intern

6 May 2013

Rachel Lucke, Clinical Nutrition Intern

As the titles of last few posts about balance, goals, transitioning, and letting go may have suggested, I have been moving toward a new phase. It is with great excitement that I announce I am now beginning my clinical internship and am taking appointments for nutrition consultations in the Natural Care Center at Maryland University of Integrative Health (formerly Tai Sophia Institute). I will continue to blog about food on my new website, where I’ll focus more on the nutritional value of my recipes.

If you are in the Baltimore, Maryland–Washington, D.C. area and are interested in making an appointment for a nutrition consultation, check out the new website for information about what to expect and how to make an appointment. As a clinical nutrition intern, I can help you learn to use food to support healing, have more energy, get better sleep, lose or gain weight, clean up your diet, and achieve many other goals you may have. Individuals with diabetes, autoimmune diseases, allergies, digestive disorders, depression, and other illnesses have found that nutritional support helps them feel better and helps their bodies function at a more optimal level. Others seek out nutritional consultations because they want to eat healthier and aren’t sure where to begin, especially those with families, young children, and busy lifestyles.

I hope you’ll join me on this new path!

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  1. Tee permalink
    7 May 2013 5:46 pm

    Congratulations on adding a new dimension to your education and expanding on your culinary experiences to include a deeper understanding and appreciation of the bounty of food available for our nutritional needs and enjoyment! Most of all, thank you for sharing what you know to help us all eat more wisely and nourish our bodies and beings more efficiently!

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